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 general information 

aim The research project competition of the Institute of Biochemical Physics RAS is to stimulate breakthrough initiative research within the framework of priority scientific topics of the Institute of Biochemical Physics RAS.  

Key points :

  • Project implementation period - 1 year (beginning of implementation on January 1)

  • Teams of at least 2 people are allowed to the Competition (including IBHF post-graduate students).

  • A member of the team for the entire period of the project must be in labor relations with the Institute of Biochemical Physics RAS, for graduate students - to study at the postgraduate course of the Institute of Biochemical Physics RAS.

  • Any number of performers can be involved in the implementation of the project, including from other organizations (payment is made ONLY to employees of the Institute of Biochemical Physics RAS).

  • One employee can participate ONLY in one application.

  • In 2021, the amount of one grant is 600 thousand rubles .

An application for participation in the competition is submitted by the head of the team by filling out an electronic form .

The printed version of the title page of the application must be signed by the project manager, scanned and sent by e-mail . Also, a file with any additional information on the proposed project can be sent to e-mail.

The title page template can be downloaded here .

The full text of the regulation can be found at the link .

 Key dates 




Start accepting applications


To register, you need to fill out a Google form by clicking the submit project button.

Closing of applications


The registration form will be available until November 15 (23:00) . 

Summing up the results of the competition


Filing an application


To register an application, in addition to the electronic form, you must fill out the Title Page , print, sign, scan and send to e-mail:
Also, a file with additional information on the proposed project can be sent to e-mail.

 Expert Commission 

Chairman of the commission: d.h.s. Kurochkin I.N. 
d.h.s. Trofimov A.V.
Ph.D. Skalatskaya S.I.
d.p.m.s. Kvashnin D.G.
d.b.n. Palmina N.P.
d.h.s. Semenova M.G.
Ph.D. Lomakin S.M.
d.p.m.s. Krivnov V.Ya.
d.p.m.s. Shevaleevsky O.I.
d.b.n. Shevelev A.B.

 Project judging 

According to the regulation on the Competition, projects are evaluated according to 7 criteria:

  1. Scientific and fundamental significance of the results of the work;

  2. Continuity of research (scientific groundwork);

  3. The novelty of the study;

  4. Perspective for the development of the project theme;

  5. Relevance;

  6. Use of the instrumental base of the organization;

  7. Perspective for the development of the research topic (as a scientific direction within the field of science)


 Competition Winners 

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 contest

Two-Dimensional Low Density Materials for Metal-Ion Batteries: Structure Prediction and Theoretical Investigation

(supervisor: Ph.D., senior researcher Popov Z.I. )


Development of an experimental attachment to an acoustic microscope for in vivo studies of small laboratory animals
(supervisor: Ph.D., senior researcher
Morokov E.S. )

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